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The concept behind TRINITAIR
Plug & Fly

We support
the transformation towards a greener environment.

For one flight from Frankfurt
to Hong Kong with the same
aircraft and equal payload, fuel savings in the range of 1.1 to 1.2 tons would be achieved.

Waiting until science and industry can present solutions which allow CO2-neutral flying is not an option.

Meanwhile we open and create new paths to decrease greenhouse emissions caused by civil air-traffic.

Reducing a few percent of fuel burn on a single flight might at first sight not sound impressive. But sum it up!

A cargo flight from Frankfurt to New York JFK with a modern twin engine long haul freighter carrying a payload of 90 tons and a flight time close to 8 hours shows a trip fuel of about 60 tons.

Hence, 1% lower fuel flow saves about 600 kgs trip fuel.

In addition the amounts for contingency, alternate and final reserve fuel will be reduced as well, adding up to savings of about 100 kgs additional.

The overall reduced gross weight during the entire mission lowers the fuel consumption by another approximately 250 kgs per ton, so all effects together reduce the amount of used fuel for the mission by about 1 ton.

Retrofit Wingtip Solution

Inspired. Designed.


It is possible to make a valuable
contribution when it comes to reducing fuel burn.

35 – 40% of the total air resistance of an aircraft in cruise configuration is caused by induced drag. Winglets have made a significant contribution in lowering this induced drag.

Enhancing the positive effect of conventional winglets, TRINITAIR incorporates a profound patented knowledge of various interdisciplinary interactions addressing an optimal circulation distribution.

This provides more than the above exemplified 1% fuel savings from Frankfurt to Hong Kong or JFK.

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